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Yucky Yummy Savory Sweet: Navigating Emotional Intelligence Through Flavors

Yucky Yummy Savory Sweet Book Cover - Kim Korte's innovative guide to emotional awareness. Explore the flavors of emotions

What if instead of relying on comfort emotions (like comfort food) to get us through the day, we became 5-star Michelin Chefs of our experiences? This is what Kim Korte guides us to do in Yucky Yummy Savory Sweet: Understanding the Flavors of Emotions. 

Her unique approach to emotional awareness and emotional intelligence offers an innovative way to create a connection to our emotions by using something familiar to us, like food. She explores how we experience our emotions from a combination of senses, including what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.

Just like the developed palate of a chef can distinguish the different flavors in food––we can increase our ability to capture the “flavors” of our emotions by enhancing our awareness of the sense of how we feel inside our bodies. 

Increased emotional awareness is associated with the following:

  • Improved health and overall wellbeing

  • Allows for more control over emotional experiences (i.e. stress, anger, and fear)

  • Strengthens decision-making and critical-thinking skills

We aren’t born with built-in emotional responses for every life event. However, we are born to feel emotions, and the emotion we feel is up to us. If you’re ready to set aside mediocre, habitual emotional responses to life’s challenges, Yucky Yummy Savory Sweet will offer you a new approach to achieving peace, presence, and contentment in your life. 

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“Inciteful. Relatable. Impactful. Kim Korte's use of the food analogy to present scientific/medical information is not just novel but quite effective...I gave deep thought to the "ingredients" that I use when acting and reacting in various circumstances and wondered about the "ingredients" others might be using, resulting in their actions/reactions."

Mark Hager, Chief Accounting Officer

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