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Destigmatizing Emotions

Make managing emotions intuitive and attainable

Most people misunderstand or feel overwhelmed by their emotions, even after reading books on the subject or receiving emotional intelligence training. 


Emotions are a full-body experience, so managing them requires more than just controlling our thoughts. 

Understanding that our brain works in concert with our body to produce emotional responses gives you the real control you may be lacking.


If You Can Make a Sandwich — You Can Manage Your Emotions

I hold a weekly live event where you can learn more about my course

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Hi, I’m Kim Korte

I work with individuals and organizations to take control of their emotions by understanding their mental, physical and socioemotional connections.

Emotion regulation involves a coherent relationship with the self, specifically, effective communication between the body, mind, and feelings.

Connections are important and key to the human experience.  Additionally, it is my top personal value.  This is why I hold live courses so I can connect with those I teach.   

Join my in my fun and engaging live course or book a free introductory call to learn more.

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What's Different in My Approach?

I use the concept of cooking in my work to bring the theory of constructed emotions to life. We draw analogies between food ingredients and emotions to showcase how different combinations and minimal changes can lead to significantly different results.

This fun and entertaining learning method ensures engagement and active collaboration throughout the process.

The Resilience Recipe



Emotions don’t have to be mysterious and scary. Research tells us they are constructed in our brain, much like a recipe. In this course,  you will learn how they are constructed and how you can work with your body to help you better regulate your emotions.  

If you are looking to better regulate your emotions, then this course is for you!


More About This Live Course

Becoming A Connected Leader/Manager


This course is only available to those who have completed The Resilience Recipe course.  

This course takes what you've learned and applies it to the workplace.  Learn how to create stronger connections as a manager, facilitating better employee communication and development within a department, team, or company.  


More About This Live Course

One-on-One Coaching



Private coaching sessions are primarily for those who need additional assistance after completing The Resilience Recipe course.  However, if group classes are not for you, this option is available. 

Please note that scholarships are not available for 1-1 coaching.


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Do you need a scholarship?

Money should never be a barrier when it comes to learning a skill so important as emotion regulation.  For this reason, I offer full and partial scholarships for people who willing to donate their time to volunteerism. Click the "Apply Here" button to learn more.

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Candyce L.Jon Doe

As an HR Benefits and Wellness Program Manager the positive attributes of the program were recognizable from the first session. The content and Kim's delivery will dramatically impact and change your employees, which in turn positively impacts the culture and company bottom line. If you are looking for a culture shift in your organization and increased employee productivity - Kim will deliver! She is as an engaging coach, program developer and presenter. On a personal note; daily I use the Natural Repellent for Ants daily and continually practice being an Emotion Chef - all concepts taught during the 4 week session. Great program, easy to understand with concepts that are applicable to life!

Shane S.

I took Kim's course and got so much out of it! Many things that help in day to day life as well as longer term strategies for personal growth. Kim keeps it real... everyone can relate to the subject matter in their your own lives. Well done Kim!

Paige H.

I loved Kim’s course. Over the four weeks, I looked forward to each week’s new topic and found that it was easy and helpful to apply in my day to day life. Living and working in New York City, the grind can catch up with you. I found that this class allowed me to work through many issues with clients and life situations with a different mind set. At the end of the day it helped me to feel calmer, happier and communicate better within relationships, whether client or personal. I highly recommend this class. 

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