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Manage Emotions from the Inside Out

"Emotions are not your reaction to the world—they are how you make sense of what is going on inside of your body in relation to the world." - Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett


Emotion regulation involves a coherent relationship with the self, specifically effective communication between body, mind, and feelings. Understanding interoception — your brain's representation of sensations from your own body — is key to mastering your emotions as a leader and the emotions of those you lead. 


The state of the emotional culture in an organization can be a predictor of success or struggle. It is often ignored or overlooked because leaders aren't comfortable discussing or addressing emotions in the workplace.  The emotional culture exists — the question being, is it working for or against you? 

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Your personal success — however you measure it  — is driven in part by how well you manage your emotions. The more connected we are to ourselves—how we feel—the better able we are to provide value and purpose to those we lead, manage and connect with both in professional and personal settings.                      

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Thoughts drive emotions and emotions drive thoughts — but emotions drive decisions and behaviors

Hi, I am Kim

 Emotions drive decision-making. Even the most rational decision is selected because it feels right.  Without emotions, we would be stuck in a perpetual decision-making loop. This is why managing them is so critical.

During my 10+ years owning a consulting business, I saw firsthand how emotions can stunt productivity within organizations, let alone how it impacts us individually. 

What started out as a personal journey resulted in a new business.  When I created the framework I use for both consulting and teaching,  it was with every human in mind no matter if you are an executive, entrepreneur, parent, student, or one of the many levels of humans in the workforce.  Our emotions, how we manage them, impact how we lead, manage, engage, communicate and feel about every person who enters our sphere — be that through technology or in person. 

My approach to emotion management is whole-body since emotions are a whole-body event. My mission is to destigmatize emotions and create millions of Chief Emotions Officers.  After all, you are the CEO of your life. 

My story...

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Candyce L.

As an HR Benefits and Wellness Program Manager the positive attributes of the program were recognizable from the first session. The content and Kim's delivery will dramatically impact and change your employees, which in turn positively impacts the culture and company bottom line. If you are looking for a culture shift in your organization and increased employee productivity - Kim will deliver! She is as an engaging coach, program developer and presenter. On a personal note; daily I use the Natural Repellent for Ants and continually practice being an Emotion Chef - all concepts taught during the 4 week session. Great program, easy to understand with concepts that are applicable to life!

Shane S.

I took Kim's course and got so much out of it! Many things that help in day to day life as well as longer term strategies for personal growth. Kim keeps it real... everyone can relate to the subject matter in your own lives. Well done Kim!






Paige H.

I loved Kim’s course. Over the four weeks, I looked forward to each weeks new topic and found that it was easy and helpful to apply in my day to day life. Living and working in New York City the grind can catch up with you. I found this class allowed me to work through many issues with clients and life situations with a different mind set. At the end of the day it helped me to feel calmer, happier and communicate better with relationships whether client or personal. I highly recommend this class.