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Yucky Yummy Savory Sweet – Exploring Emotions Through Familiar Flavors

Cover of 'Yucky Yummy Savory Sweet' by Kim Korte
Yucky Yummy Savory Sweet will give you a new way to create a connection to your emotions by using something familiar to you, like food and the recipes we use for cooking.
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“Inciteful. Relatable. Impactful. Kim Korte's use of the food analogy to present scientific/medical information is not just novel but quite effective...I gave deep thought to the "ingredients" that I use when acting and reacting in various circumstances and wondered about the "ingredients" others might be using, resulting in their actions/reactions."

Mark Hager, Chief Accounting Officer

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"We aren’t born with built-in emotional responses for every life event. However, we are born to feel emotions, and the emotion we feel is up to us."
–Kim Korte

Develop strategies for life with increased perception and emotion management skills

Emotion management

Emotion and perception management


Increased connection to self and others

love life

Improved  personal relationships

emotional intelligence

Critical thinking & decision-making

Emotional Thoughts

Boundaries & communication skills 

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