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Meet Kim

Sensory Perception & Emotion Management Strategist

Simon Sinek is famous for his recommendation to "start with the why."  However, I have always been more interested in the "how." 

I won't bore you with the details of my story, but it was a significant emotional event that resulted in the question, "How do I keep this from happening to me again?"


My search resulted in an increased awareness of how I felt. Awareness enabled my ability to question feelings. If you didn't know it, feelings are not facts. Feelings are in part the result of the best guess by your brain based on sensory input. Neuroscientific research and literature attest to this. So then the "how" question for me was how the brain determines its best guess. I spent years reading, taking courses, and listening to discourses on how the brain constructs our emotions and our perceptions of the world around us that influence our feelings.  

This was life-changing information for me and a critical component of my strategic coaching and consulting for individuals, teams, and families.


Book a consultation if you are interested in learning more or working with me.

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