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Find Balance in Love and Life with Kim Korte's 'The Perfect Heart

The Perfect Heart book cover by Kim Korte

The Perfect Heart is a simple visual tool, consulted daily, that can keep you on track with your relationship goals as you enter or re-enter the dating world … find the perfect partner … and navigate your long-term relationship. It’s called the Perfect Heart. Kim Korte created it – and used it -- to bounce back from a disastrous break-up and move into a stable, permanent connection with the right person. 


The Perfect Heart can help you, too.  It uses a special heart-shaped diagram to help you achieve balance in your life––and your relationships. The book offers personal anecdotes from people who’ve used the system and pragmatic, thought-provoking insights on finding love and making it work. The system resonates with lovers of all ages.

Do you know what you want from your next relationship? Do you know how to avoid the “skinny heart” syndrome? Or the “chubby heart” syndrome? Do you know how to keep the relationship in balance for both partners over time? You will after you read Kim Korte’s The Perfect Heart: Creating and Maintaining Love/Life Balance.


Heart-shaped diagram illustrating love and life balance
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