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Becoming a Connected Manager/Leader - Starts Wednesday November 3, 2021


Boost communication with emotion mastery

Hack your ability to empathize with others

Supercharge your personal & professional life

Intensify your connection to self and to those you lead


Connection Matters!

How do workplace connections impact your role as a leader?

"Positive interactions in the workplace have been shown to improve job satisfaction and positively influence staff turnover as employees who experience support from colleagues are more likely to remain in an organization long term" (Hodson, 2004; Moynihan and Pandey, 2008)

A connected leader is someone with high levels of self-awareness. If you aren't connected to yourself, this hinders your connection to those you lead.

At the core of this is our emotions.  

Emotions guide us as to what we want and what we don’t want.  They filter our thoughts, behaviors, and decisions. They play a huge role in how we perceive and respond to our world every moment of the day.

Emotions are how we make sense of what is going on in our bodies in relation to the world around us.  It is how the brain predicts and communicates when we need to pay attention or take action. Just like when it is cold outside our brain prompts us to put on a coat, our emotions work similarly.  We will break that down into very easy concepts using cooking analogies.  

While mysteries abound around our wonderful brain, you will learn what we know today that can help you regulate your emotions without it being too complicated. 

In this course, you will develop personal resilience by learning how to 

  • Manage your body budget - the critical currency for resilience
  • An intuitive way to identify, label, modify, describe and communicate your emotions
  • Develop emotional literacy
  • Create mental, physical, and socio-emotional connections
  • Manage automatic negative thoughts
  • Leverage your physiology to manage stress
  • Define your personal values to help you better identify what you want and don't want

You will also learn

  • Identify your management style
  • The importance and benefits of connection in the workplace
  • Developing trust, respect, and empathy
  • How to develop into Connected Manager
  • Skills for being an energy-efficient leader

Who is this for

Supervisors, Team Leads, Managers, and Leaders

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What you'll get

  • Emotion management skills
  • Better health and less stress
  • Improved connection to yourself and others

Important Note

This is NOT therapy. If you are suffering from severe emotional trauma and are under the care of a physician or therapist, please consult with them prior to purchase.  


What People Are Saying:

I loved Kim’s course. Over the four weeks, I looked forward to each week’s new topic and found that it was easy and helpful to apply in my day to day life. Living and working in New York City, the grind can catch up with you. I found that this class allowed me to work through many issues with clients and life situations with a different mind set. At the end of the day it helped me to feel calmer, happier and communicate better within relationships, whether client or personal. I highly recommend this class.

Paige H. - Banking VP

As an HR Benefits and Wellness Program Manager the positive attributes of the program were recognizable from the first session. The content and Kim's delivery will dramatically impact and change your employees, which in turn positively impacts the culture and company bottom line. If you are looking for a culture shift in your organization and increased employee productivity - Kim will deliver! She is as an engaging coach, program developer and presenter. On a personal note; daily I use the Natural Repellent for ANTs daily and continually practice being an Emotion Chef - all concepts taught during the course. Great program, easy to understand with concepts that are applicable to life!

Candyce L. - HR Manager